August 6th | Friendship Day

August 6th | Friendship Day

? Happy National Friendship Day, Disney Fans! Not to be confused with International Friendship Day which was just last month. But hey, if popcorn and pretzels can get 3 days a year, our sweet friends surely deserve extra love! That said, I’m not sure if even the Fab Five is sweeter than this group with Pooh and his pals.

Ahhh HA!!! As an East Coaster, I will admit there are a lot of times that my West Coast FOMO gets out of control. Not.Today. We are WINNING Friendship Day in Walt Disney World. Crystal Palace’s Pooh and friends character meal is one of THE sweetest character dining experiences out there. Period. Sure, Disneyland has a ride and you can meet the gang…but they DON’T have puffed French Toast while you hug on the ENTIRE 100 Acre Wood gang. Score one for us on the East Coast! {If you’re not on the East Coast, start with “Walt Disney World’s Crystal Palace’s… and end with “score one for the East Coast!}

? Where better to celebrate Friendship Day than at Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends?! The full buffet has returned, hugs are ready to be given and you can’t beat this gorgeous location “right down the middle of Main Street, USA”-ok toward the end and on the left, but now you’re singing that happy song. Anyone else just LOVE all this plush sweetness and have to dine here?

So my friends, do you have any special memories with Winnie the Pooh and his pals from Hundred Acre Wood?