DISNEYLAND Silleta – Enabled

DISNEYLAND Silleta – Enabled

The ENABLED silleta represents the Disneyland Resort ENABLED BERG, which promotes respect, equality and appreciation of people with disabilities through community, awareness, education and inclusion.

“This silleta is representing a really diverse group of folks,” said Jeff. The Resort Enhancement team was intentional behind every material used, specifically with the gold-colored flowers behind the cognitive symbol shown on the ENABLED silleta. “For example, gold has been embraced by the autistic community because in the periodic table of elements, gold is represented with the letters AU, which are the first letters of the word autism.”

“The silletas have little hidden meanings in them,” said Jeff. “Whether it’s the colors or species of flowers, we wanted to make sure that each silleta is honoring the community that we are trying to celebrate.”

“My hope is that guests and cast alike will not only appreciate the beauty of each silleta, but for the power of the meaning behind each one,” said Resort Enhancement Area Manager Dawn. “Thank you to the cast, the Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) and the Resort Enhancement Team. From the bottom of my heart, you inspire me every day!”